The purpose of this project is to create a deeper understanding of the history of Vietnamese forced migration to San Diego as a result of the Vietnam War and to bridge the gap between these refugees and later generations of Vietnamese Americans. These oral histories authentically preserve a large part of Vietnamese American history by being told from the perspective of the refugees rather than the current narratives portrayed in mainstream media. Through the telling of these personal narratives, we will be able to change the perception of Vietnamese Americans as not just victims of a war but to show the resilience of this community. The study will focus and analyze three different generations of Vietnamese Americans—first, 1.5, and second generation. The experiences told on the audio recordings will outline the differences between the generations and explore gaps as well as seek opportunities to mending the gaps. The recording will be archived online through partnering organizations in order to preserve historical information and provide opportunities for further discussions within the Vietnamese American community.


Oral Histories from 2020


Oral History with David Vu, Janet Nguyen


Oral History with Nicki Tung, Janet Nguyen