Newspaper, The Woolsack (1963-1987)



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Table of Contents:

Legislator Scores Campaign Racism

38 Teams in Mock Office Competition

DA Candidates Trade Blame for Cab Indictment Delay by Don Rubin

Froehlich Heads Bar Association

Help! By Jack Doherty

Battles Rage in Court: War Resisters Gain Ground

Slight Increase Noted In Law Review Budget

Law Review Winners to Be Announced by Gary Gramling

Upperclass Jocks Clash In Competition for a Keg by Vince Ammirato

Lawyer Roles Discussed at PAD Juvenile Law Seminar

Why? [in response to comments on Toward Changing Lifestyles] by Alan Winterhalter

The reasonable man by Mike Avery

Nixon Rejects of Pornography Commission by Peter Bowie

Clinical Education at USD? by Jim Parziale

Ruben Salazar: Civilian Review of Police? by Michael B. Harris

Gullible’s Travels by Rick Lindsley

Buckstaff Beats the Army: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Army Regs by Bob Woods

PDP News

Ched off Starboard Bow: Law of Seas Issue Arrives

Phi Alpha Delta by Dick Klauer

President’s Report by Bill Winship

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University of San Diego School of Law Student Bar Association



Woolsack 1970 volume 8 number 3

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