Lindsay J. Cropper Creative Writing Contest

Lindsay J. Cropper Creative Writing Contest

2015 Poetry Winner


Three Poems

About the Author

Gabriella Sghia-Hughes, a native of suburban Massachusetts, graduated from the University of San Diego with a Creative Writing degree, Biology minor, and a habit of indecision. She obsessed over parallels between genetic and social inheritance which evolved into a small chapbook, Blueprints in Bone, her senior project. At the 2015 New York State Summer Writer's Institute she decided her fixation on her own reality was obnoxious so she tried to write more fantastically. Because that only kind of worked, she decided to just alter her reality again. She now lives in Seattle where she now has a bunch of free time (read: is unemployed) to post (mostly nature) pictures on Instagram captioned with (other folks') published poetry. Check out the tag #pairingpicswithpoems to see some and add your own



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