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Spring 5-25-2024

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Doctor of Nursing Practice Final Manuscript

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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Joseph Burkard, DNSc, CRNA



Introduction: The purpose of this evidence- based practice DNP project was to do a systematic review, examine stock inhaler policies in school districts, and provide policy recommendations for school districts to implement the Stock Albuterol Access law. The Stock Albuterol law enacted in January 2024 would allow schools to provide an Albuterol inhaler on hand for a student experiencing respiratory distress. Albuterol inhalers provided by school personnel can be lifesaving, control asthma symptoms, have better health outcomes, increase the quality of life, and decrease Emergency and Urgent Care visits, and hospitalization.

Background: School age children under the age of 18 with asthma account for millions of emergency department visits and enormous healthcare costs each year. The implementation of a Stock Albuterol Policy for schools can improve the health outcomes in school age children.

Methods: A systematic review was done to examine existing school inhaler policies. Research articles were compiled and categorized from October 1, 2022, to December 1, 2023.The evidence-based practice project was designed utilizing the Iowa Model, this model improves the quality of patient care and improves healthcare costs.

Results: Appropriate management with immediate access to Albuterol showed to achieve the goals of improved outcomes with asthma school programs that implemented asthma policies with access of stock albuterol, such as the reduction of symptoms, few to no ER and Urgent Care visits, decrease in hospitalizations, and return to class with better health outcomes.

Evaluation: The recommendation to have a school policy in place for stock rescue inhaler, ensures school age children with asthma, to lead to better health outcomes, is lifesaving, can control asthma symptoms, and achieve a better quality of life.

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