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This document compiles information on mentoring programs in San Diego and Imperial Counties. The goal is to provide a clear picture what mentoring programs are being implemented and to give basic information about those programs as of June 2021.

The purpose of the document is three-fold. First, as a deliverable under the Project Safe Neighborhoods initiative (PSN), it is designed to provide basic information to the US Attorney’s Office and others involved in the PSN on the range of mentoring programs that exist. Mentoring programs have proven to be an effective program strategy for producing a range of positive youth development outcomes, including reducing violence and recidivism. Therefore, it is useful for those working on PSN to have an understanding of the number and nature of mentoring programs that exist.

Second, and similarly, the compilation is for others working on issues of youth development, violence prevention and reducing recidivism. The goal is to provide a continually-updated compilation of mentoring programs for those who wish to access these programs, those who wish to support these programs, and those who wish to ensure they are working in a complementary instead of a duplicative way. This includes the organization currently working under the Project Safe Neighborhoods initiative, many of which are implementing mentoring programs.

Third, the compilation serves as a foundation for our own and for others’ future research efforts regarding youth development, violence prevention, and reducing recidivism in San Diego. Part of our work under the PSN initiative will be a comprehensive report on youth development as a strategy to reduce violence and recidivism in San Diego and Imperial Counties. This will serve as a foundation for this research and for similar research conducted by others working on these issues.

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mentoring program, recidivism, youth development, violence prevention


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Compilation of Mentoring Programs in San Diego and Imperial Counties