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Sharon [Cork, Ireland]


Mother M.R. Chase [San Diego, California]

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Dearest Mother, We’re in Dublin today and I just left a Sacred Heart Convent. Mother Day was very sweet and said that I should visit her brother in L.A. It was the first convent I’ve been in and I was sorry I couldn’t get to one in Rome. I think I’ll be able to see one in Paris and/or Brussels. We were in London until yesterday and that was wonderful. The houses were so picturesque, they looked as though they’d been there for centuries – and they probably had. And al long last we could actually understand the people! That in itself would make me like England. Dad booked passage on the Queen Mary for the 28th but we may leave on the Queen Elizabeth on the 21st. We don’t know what we’re doing – but it’s fun!!! Lovingly Sharon

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Cork (Ireland : County), Glengarriff (Ireland), Bantry Bay (Ireland), Bays (Bodies of water)


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