Child Rights & Remedies


Child Rights & Remedies



Child Rights and Remedies provides a comprehensive examination of how United States law and policy affects the lives and futures of children. This law school text covers a broad spectrum of major cases, statutes, and relevant empirical evidence that illustrate how children are faring in light of how our legal and political systems function. Uniquely among juvenile law texts, Child Rights and Remedies begins by delving into the underlying political context of available remedies for children, highlighting the special status of children – a status that does not always work to their advantage, particularly vis a vis special interests with far greater access to and influence over all branches of government. Within this context, the text explores the barriers to developing policy favorable to children with regard to poverty, education, health, special needs, child care, child abuse, juvenile delinquency, reproductive rights, custody and civil liberties. This updated edition also explores the timely issue of immigration and the rights of children, a politically charged area of law and policy deeply impacting vast numbers of children. In addition to the almost 200 legal references that cover major federal and influential state court decisions, the text contains probing questions and commentary designed to challenge the reader to consider diverse points of view and construct compelling legal arguments. Broad analysis of constitutional law and civil procedure complements the child-specific content, making Child Rights and Remedies a valuable tool for any student of the law. For those concerned about the well-being of children in this country and beyond, this text is an essential guide for powerfully advocating for their rights and representing their interests.



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Child Rights & Remedies