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Summer 8-2023

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ELearn Magazine


Pre-print: the initial article submitted to the journal for consideration (prior to peer review)


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Technology | Higher Education | Online and Distance Education


A common challenge for instructional designers and administrators of online programs is ensuring that projects are completed within the development timeframe and that course content meets high standards for quality. This paper describes a training course that was developed to meet those challenges. The course prepares Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to work with a design team made up of instructional designers and instructional technologists so that SMEs can plan their course content using a backward design framework. SMEs participate in a fully asynchronous online course with other SMEs where they can collaborate and brainstorm ideas. Having SMEs take an online course that resembles the online course they will later be designing allows them to gain insight from a learner perspective which can help them design a learner-centered course. As a result, this training program has improved the course development process to help the university meet its goals for quality online learning.


This is an original manuscript of an article published by ACM in ELearn Magazine in 2023, available at: