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Roma – Castel S. Angel – Cortile delle Armi. Rome – Château de St. Ange – Cour des Armes. Rome – St. Angel's Castle – Courtyard of Arms.


Peggy [Rome, Italy]


Mrs. Bess H. Wright [Glandale, CA]

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Dear Posey: Dec 6th / This is to be my holiday greeting but delayed in mailing because I have been confined to my room for 3 days on account bad liver upset & doctor’s orders. This “castle” was originally a tomb in 168AD then a fortress to house people during times of war on the City by Barbarians of early times. It is well preserved. All sorts of gory crimes were perpetrated, a Pope was smothered to death by a woman’s order & later another Pope was executed in the same manner by her son! A bridge across the Tiber was built the same year & in 1450 was restored & colossal states of angels by Bernini line both railings. Will send another picture of the bridge & castle later. Best holiday greetings. Peggy

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