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Banqueting Hall, Edinburgh Castle. The "Magne Camere," or Great Hall of the Castle of Edinburgh, was erected in 1434, and is connected with many events in Scottish history. Here, in 1437, James II. of Scotland was proclaimed king. In 1440 the banquet was known as "Ye Black Dinner" was given to William Douglas, Duke of Touraine, and his brother David, who were afterwards beheaded in the court of the Castle. In 1502 James IV. had the Hall renovated for the home-coming of his young bride, Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII. of England. In 1561, Mary, Queen of Scots, was entertained to a grand banquet on her arrival in Edinburgh. In 1616 James VI. of Scotland and I. of England celebrated the anniversary of the fifty-third birthday. In 1633 Charles I. held his Coronation Banquet. In 1648 Oliver Cromwell was entertained by the Marquis of Argyle. After the Union the Hall fell into disuse but was restored by Mr. William Nelson, a prominent Edinburgh citizen, and opened to the public in 1892.

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