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M & A [Paris, France]


Miss May Clarke [Munich, Germany]

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Forgot to tell you, I see lots of bloused waists and jackets now, long waisted everything – My coat is Fair Isle and beautiful. Dreamt last night you were all here, bag and luggage to go home with us I was so relieved Agnes K copied her notes of Italy and sent them to me in a most perfect note book/ How goes the Pension life, it is still nice here Mme. and Mlle. Villar are so bright and clever. Got Helen C. coral Chaise lounge 0 10 francs, got a white flannel shirt waist for 7.25 nothing particular. Payed 2 Francs to have my hair dry shampooed, frightened the coiffeur shiff by nearly fainting on his hand - his stuff has ether in it and it about finished me. Maggie has a very pretty dressy black satin waist 19 francs 50. Afternoon of October 30 – all day I have carried this in my pocket – visited Sorbonne today wished that I [illegible] last year went to Conciergerie & Cluny. Oct. 30 at a quarter of 1 A.M. – Romeo and Juliet very pretty opera [illegible] ballet. Bessie Abbot a beautiful Juliet, she is an America – but I do miss the German Opera and the quiet German audience. My eyes close in [illegible] – Good night – love from M & A.

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5e Arrondissement (Paris, France), Université de Paris III, Universities & colleges


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