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Partnachklamm - Mitte, Partenkirchen


Genevieve Marie Clarke [Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany]


Miss Clarke [Munich, Germany]

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August 20, ‘02 My Mayrum: This is a “business postal.” Firstly - Mother wishes to know is the pain clear gone from your chest? 2- Mother is feeling very well. 3rd M says not to ask the Dr. where she is to go as he has already said anyplace on the mountains will do. 4th We will return in a week or so to Munich – are not yet sure by what route. 5th If letters come for Mother from either Chillocothe or Mr. Boyd – please keep them for her – as she does not wish to run the risk of losing them. 6th If it is not too much trouble I would like several more postals just like the ones [illegible] They are excellent [illegible] – much better than those I formerly had. I did rather a neat postal from Mrs. K.T. also we put quite so good for Elizabeth, a dandy “American” golf girl! When will you get up? Were I to return to Munich I scarcely see where I would room from what you said in your postal. And then you told M. how very expensive it would be for me to be there too – that I shall not return. It does not matter anyway – I truly wish to be there long enough to have my throat and chest in order – to begin singing – also to get a little rested. How are you anyway? Received your postal this morning. It was dated Monday. It took a long time to come. This is Wednesday, Mother sends love to all and I ditto it. Affectionately, Genevieve Marie Clarke.

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Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany), Canyons, Walkways


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