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History of Warner Hot Springs - Indian legends tell that for centuries Indian tribes so highly prized these Srpings for their curative powers they waged unceasing war against each other for possession of them….These were the first hot mineral springs discovered in California by the whites and were found by Father Mariner of the San Diego Mission in 1795...These Springs deicharge 200,000 gallons of water daily at a temperature of 140° fahrenheit.. General Philip Kearny and his army rested here on their march to the conquest. So did the famous adventurers in the '49 Gold Rush era. The region is a fascinating one for the lover of southwest history.


Mrs. L. [Warner Springs, California]


Mother McShane [San Diego, California]

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J.M.J. Sunday You may not receive this for days, but its an interesting place, and there are many Indians around here. I will hear mass in the "Indian Chapel" this A.M. I bought a book on the history of the springs in [illegible] because the author was a librarian in the Bancroft Library & also because the Preface was written by the Prof. Bolton. If you thing the book worthy - I'll give it to your library. (The book was not inexpensive) from Mrs. L.

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