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Does Urbanization Promote Invasive Species?
Rachel Parker and Geoffrey Morse PhD


Tobago Wind Turbine
Julia Mahroos and Odesma Dalrymple PhD


The Halo: Integrating Mathematics and Creativity
Kelli Kufta, Diane Hoffoss PhD, and Sean Hough


FDI and Portfolio Flow Drivers
Sami Zaia and Ryan Ratcliff PhD


The Effect of Ethanol on Zebrafish Behavior
Rachel Alef and Rachel Blaser PhD


Impact of Religiosity on Prosocial Behavior
Michael Apostol and Rebekah Wanic PhD


Effects of Medial Entorhinal Cortex Lesions in Rats on the Traveling Salesman Problem
Larissa Olivas, Jena B. Hales PhD, Victoria Cendejas, Rachel Blaser PhD, and EA Petty


The Accuracy of Undergraduate Memory of the Columbine School Shooting
Julia Malkiewicz, Nadav Goldschmied PhD, Olivia Hays, Camille Roth, and Kelly Perreault


Soccer Fandom Impacting Hiring Decisions
Ines Noel, Nadav Goldschmied PhD, and Joseph Achwill


Associations between Parenting Style and Five-Factor Personality Traits
Darlene Ngo, Michael Ichiyama PhD, Rebeccah M. O'Brien, Merissa Kado, V. Robin Weersing PhD, and Judy Gerber


Hydra Hunters: Community Outreach and Exploration with Citizen Science
Catherine Tan, Callen Hyland PhD, and Kimberly Sladek


Effects of Temporal Delay on Memory
Brittany Bosko and Stephen Pearlberg


Red Shirt Color has no Effect on Winning in the English Premier League
Angela Haddad, Nadav Goldschmied PhD, and Shakira Trejo


Pharmaceutical Effects of Ketamine on Rat Performance in the Traveling Salesperson Task
Alexandra Unapanta, Rachel Blaser PhD, Chloe Dennis, and Charlotte Lee

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