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A.K. [Kenwood; New York; United States]


May [Unknown]


Kenwood - Views of Grounds and Falls

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(front) Dear May – These pretty postals are a surprise Mother gives me for you. Aren’t they nice? Would you like to take a walk among these fine old trees. In two years, I make my vows. You know – you must make me a call. Outside the Convent Grounds. (back) She neglected soul for mind I fear – and in consequence is unhappy – This you see is on the back side of the postal and entre now can’t you see her or in her both Browning and George Elliot. Both fascinating writers with so much that is good – but not a second “rule of first” night. I seldom found anything in its line that pleasured me more than the Ring and the Book – but I can see where it could give trouble. Do you keep up the Latin and how goes the German. Am I happy. How can I be? Well May if there is happiness on Earth I have it – it is true and deep. The Happiness of knowing I have found solutions for many problems – rest after struggle of mind – and peace of soul – with a desire to mark and conquer human nature, until it is brought to its grandest perfection possible in me.

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Convent (Albany, NY), Albany (NY), Catholic Schools (Albany, NY), Society of the Sacred Heart


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