Publication Date

Fall 10-8-2023

Document Type

Action research project: Open access

Degree Name

MA Higher Education Leadership


Leadership Studies


Foster students on campus lack intensive support and mentorship through college. The purpose of this research was to study how the University of San Diego can support staff who serve as mentors to the Torero Renaissance Scholar (TRS) students, a program dedicated to supporting foster students. The questions addressed were: What are the needs and concerns of the TRS mentors? How can USD support the needs and concerns of the TRS mentors? I conducted interviews, facilitated a workshop, and held a focus group for the mentors to express the support they needed. The outcome of the interviews and workshop indicated the mentors needed support to better mentor their TRS students. The mentors voiced their challenges and how the challenges could be resolved with the help of the greater USD community. Suggested future research could analyze support programs devoted to foster students to identify best practices to promote foster students’ holistic successes.