Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2018

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Capstone project: Open access

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MA Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


Considering that most of our employed society works the typical eight to nine hour job in a corporate setting, attaining a healthy lifestyle both in and out of the office is known to be unattainable. Much of this mindset of unattainability is due to the lack of an adequate workplace programs. Many employees are in desperate need of a program that is designed for their personal benefit and success. A program like such, caters to the success of the employees and employers and its programmed to carry on after the office doors are closed. A program that offers the proper tools and allows each employee and employer to go home to and continue to work on their physical and mental health. This paper explores the true essence and value of a successful and adequate workplace program. MAPS is a workplace model design that properly establishes the four main principles needed to follow in order to run a healthy, safe and stress free environment in the workplace.

Mindful Action for Practice of Sustainability, feeds to the idea of a guided model which, like an actual map, if followed, it can help reach one's desired destination. In addition to MAPS, there are several other aspects to which are key and essential to a successfully run workplace program. Similarly, SDT, Self Determination Theory, provides purposeful, theoretical and practical strategies; that can be implemented in any workplace setting. While focusing primarily on intrinsic, extrinsic and autonomous motivation, all three are motivations that directly correlate with MAPS and are beneficial for the health of an employee and the wellness in their workplace.