Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2017

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Capstone project: USD users only

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MA Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


In today’s world, everything is changing constantly. It is now more difficult than ever to be a leader (Kutz, 2016). With all this pressure to deal with the constant change, leaders have less time to focus on themselves and forget what truly matters. Leaders forget who they are and forget that to be an effective leader they must also know who they are by working on themselves (Covey, 2004). As leaders try to make an impact on companies, departments, countries and people they must take the time to lead themselves. This paper examines the needs of leaders and Self-leadership theory. It examines the process used to build the Self-Powered Program; Self-Powered is a coaching program that allows leaders to first look within before leading others. Through building our self-awareness, using self-care practices, expanding our self-compassion and continuous self-growth through coaching, Self-Powered will help build more successful leaders that can create effective change.