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Maureen [Rome, Italy]


Mother Sally Furay [San Diego, California]

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July 7 – Rome Dear Mother Furay, As I write this, the impressions I received of the Sistine Chapel becomes more and more vivid – reason being that my neck is getting stiffer by the moment! I haven’t done so much looking upwards since my kite flying days! I was just furious in Ravenna. There we were – right in the city where Dante was buried, and we didn’t have time to hunt for his monument. Such a waste! However, Rome has soothed all my temper. It’s a marvelous city. Had to go back to St. Peter’s three times to take everything in! As always I remain – Your loving child, Maureen

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Vatican City, Cappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City), Interiors, Michelangelo Buonarroti, d 1475-1564


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