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Design of the New Building of the Pontifical Gregorian University – Donations for the new building of the Pontifical Gregorian University will be received by the Rector - Via del Seminario, 120 - Rome (19).

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AUTOGRAPH LETTER OF HIS HOLINESS POPE PIUS XI – APRIL 7th 1925 – «With the indelible recollection and the deep affection of an old Alumns We have ever followed the steady progress of Our Gregorian Unviersity, the fruitful Mother of so many worthy Pastors and distinguiched Teachers in the Church of God, and it is Our intention with Apostolic solicitude to further this progress to the best of Our power. Aware of its urgent need of a more spacious and more dignified building We approved a scheme worthy of this truly Catholic centre of higher exxlesiastical studies for so many select students of great hope for the Church who flock to it in ever increasing numbers from will nigh every part of the world. Now that the foundation stone has been blessed by his Eminence, the Cardinal Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Seminary and University Studies, it is our earnest desire that the new building rise with the least possible delay. To this end, while full of confidence We express Our entire satisfaction at this noble and courageous enterprise, We Ourselves propose to five such aid as the circumstances of the Holy See permit, and We address a most fervant appeal to the generosity of as many as can possibly contribute to a work which means so much for the glory of God and the universal good of the Church. As in due course We shall with special pleasure come to know the names of the Benefactors, to them and to all who buy prayer or by work shall hasten on the realisation of Our desire, with all Our heart We impart the Apostolic Blessing. Pius PP. XI».

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