Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2018

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Capstone project: Open access

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MA Leadership Studies


Leadership Studies


In this paper, I analyze the dynamics of for-profit educational institutions in the United States. and how some of them employ unethical practices to maintain high rates of enrollment while providing substandard services to the non traditional students they serve. The intent of the paper is not to condemn all of the institutions in this industry but instead to point out the aspects of the educational system that bring negative results, pain and suffering to the students that put their time and money into an education they are led to believe will significantly improve their livelihood. The concept of the original creation of these institutions is in theory a bright solution to the demands risen due to a growing population that needs resources to improve their career skills and is also at a point in their lives where attending traditional colleges is just not feasible. Most of these individuals have made other choices throughout early stages in life that did not accommodate a traditional education at the time and find themselves later at a stage where they are ready to continue school but still have obligations to family and work. The for-profit educational institutions have emerged to fill the void left by the traditional colleges and, to some extent, they have been successful providing these services, but there are many that have taken advantage of the government programs available to veterans and low-income earners.